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Robot Related Links

RFL Delphi Forum. A good resource for beginners. Join and you will have the ability to chat directly with other fans and directly to competitors as well.

RFL Main Site. This is the main site of the Robotic Fighting League.

BotRank. This site maintains a historical and current ranking of all robots. This is a very useful site for researching you favorite bots and keeping up with all the action.

Builder's Database. This site maintains a list of all the upcoming events. Its the place where competitors go to define their team and robots and then register them to events.

SECR Forum. Southeast regional robots organization.

Atlanta Robot Fight Club. Forum dedicated to builders in the Atlanta area.

Florida Insect Forum. A forum dedicated to Florida and surrounding area.

Robot Magazine. A Premier Magazine for the Latest Hobby, Science and Consumer Robotics.

Titanium Joe. A supplier of surplus Titanium in various sizes and types.

MicroBotParts. Specialty parts for micro combat robots.

Servo Magazine. Covering the world of personal robotics.

80/20 Surplus. Producer of Aluminum building blocks.

Robot Magazine. Specialing in robots of all kinds.

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