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Winner's List (first, second, third)

  • Super Heavy Weight - Star Hawk 3.0, Mithril, Hairy Vetch
  • Heavy Weight - Sewer Snake, Red Drum, Berserker
  • Middle Weight - Devil's Plunger, Aneurysm, Killjoy
  • Light Weight - Ground Zero, Orca, Street Thug
  • Feather Weight - Super Sparky, Spazz Monkey XD, Totally Offensive
  • Hobby Weight - National Razor, Cheap Shot 3.0, Cheap Shot 2.0


  • Ant Weight - Peligro, Verbal Irony, Ultimate Ultimatum
  • Mantis Weight - Mantis from Hell, PorcuPain
  • Beatle Weight - Nuclear Kitten, Ron, Pyramid Of Death

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View Registered Teams: 40

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