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Winner's List (first, second, third)

  • Super Heavy Weight - N/A
  • Heavy Weight - Super Fly, Crab Meat, Berserker
  • Middle Weight - Killjoy, Nefarious, Whambulance
  • Light Weight - Goosfraba Steel, Bonesaw 2.1, Orca
  • Feather Weight - Eat Hitch and Die, Sunflower, Squnky
  • Hobby Weight - Dandelion, Ricochet, Gone Postal


  • Skeeter Weight - Macaroon, Champ
  • Beatle Weight - Fir Darrig, Coffee Grinder, Pyramid Of Death
  • Ant Weight - Poundcake, Little B, Flounder

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Photos from Battle Beach II


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